Top 35 Gifts For Quilters And Sewers (The Best Simple And Unique Gifts)

If you think buying gifts for quilters and sewers is difficult, you’ve come to the right place. The following 35 gifts for quilters and sewers are popular and interesting. You will never run out of ideas for an enthusiast. All you have to do keep this list in handy whenever it’s time for celebration. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, or a festival!

You can never go wrong with gifts, can you? At least not when you have these 35 gifts for quilters and sewers by your side.

  1   Janome 2212 The Beginner’s Paradise

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Includes Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Nothing beats a user-friendly and productive sewing machine. And the Janome 2212 has everything a newbie wants. From adjustment to a zig-zag stitch width to 12 built-in stitches feature. The extra features are worthier of attention than any other model. So this best sewing machine for beginners is the top 35 gifts for quilters and sewers.

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  2   Singer 4423 The Heavy-Duty Beast

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

The Singer 4423 is not for the faint-hearted. It works 60% faster and stronger than other models. It’s suitable for all fabric types. And for all the possible sewing needs. If the person you’re buying this is stuck to an entry-level model. Maybe it’s time you buy something upgraded and serious this time.

  3   Crafts Table

	 Studio Designs 13374.0 Sew Ready Hobby & Craft Table

A good crafts table is the best thing you can buy for a quilter or sewer. But not every crafts table can suit the needs of one. You must take into consideration even the slightest detail. As with this crafts table, you get slide-out mesh drawers. And bottom shelf with six casters for better mobility. It’s a complete craft-minded proposition for an enthusiast.

  4   Fabric Cutter

Fiskars 195210-1001 Contour Rotary Cutter, 45mm

I’m sure a quilter or a sewer has a standard, mechanical fabric cutter. This comes as no surprise to me. That’s because a fabric cutter is one of the most essential tools for the job.

Out of the 35 gifts for quilters and sewer, a rotary fabric cutter is special. It improves the visibility of the fabric and is sharper. So why settle for anything else?

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  5   Fabric Cutting Mat

Alvin Professional Self-Healing Cutting Mat

What does a fabric cutting mat do? It’s a general-purpose mat to cut out exact measurements of fabric. Cutting fabric is not as simple as cutting paper. It can get tricky to cut fabric without the help of an accurate board. You don’t want to spoil the platform you’re cutting on. This fabric cutting mat has self-healing properties. It’s durable and storable for long-term use.

  6   Shape Cut Ruler

	 June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler

A shape cut ruler is more universal for quilting and sewing than a cutting mat. With a shape cut ruler, you get .5-inch strips to measure with. You can measure and cut shapes like triangles and squares to hexagons. It gives a quilter or a sewer complete control. For a DIY project, a shape cut ruler is bound to come in handy. Only they don’t know it yet!

  7   Mini Steam Iron

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Travel Steam Iron Dual Voltage

Whether you’re gifting this to an occasional sewer or a serious quilter, a steam iron is necessary. It is what makes the entire sewing and quilting process easier. This mini steam iron has a quick heat-up time. It comes with touch controls to improve accessibility. And a travel pack for extra protection. There’ll be plenty of space for a sewer to work on.

  8   Sewing Basket Kit

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket Sewing Kit Accessories 07281

A sewing basket kit contains everything from needles to pins to threaders. If you want to gift something basic yet productive, go for a sewing basket kit. The basket is collapsible which makes it perfect for traveling. It even allows for plenty of space to add more accessories. Be it a simple pair of scissors or a tape measurer, this is essential.

  9   Sewing Travel Kit

Coquimbo Mini Sewing Kit for Kids, Travel, Emergency, Sewing Supplies with Scissors, Thimble, Thread, Needles, Tape Measure, Carrying Case and Accessories (FBA)

Are you looking for something practical and compact? A sewing travel kit is the best out of 35 gifts for quilters and sewers. This one time having a jam-packed kit is essential. And this best sewing travel kit is the ideal choice for beginners. You can gift it to a sewing nomad, a backpacker, and occasional craftspeople.

The kit looks so tempting and colorful. Anybody would want to start quilting or sewing to use each tool!

  10   Embroidery Floss

Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss - Cross Stitch Threads - Friendship Bracelets Floss - Crafts Floss

You won’t be sorry for offering this tiny gift to a quilter or a sewer. Gifting a variety of colorful embroidery threads is the perfect excuse. You can think fast and edgy with such a present. And an enthusiast will love you for it!

This embroidery floss holds 105 cotton threads. All in a variety of colors from shades of yellow to blue to green to brown. It also comes with durable needles and a thread for better use.

  11   Multipurpose Sewing Clips

MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips with Tin Box Package, Assorted Colors, Pack of 100

When quilters or sewers take things for granted, it means they’ve missed out on opportunities. It’s a good thing you have this guide to fill in such empty spaces.

Sewing clips is another one of the 35 gifts for quilters and sewers you can buy. Sewing clips can be as useful as pins or a good set of needles. They work with fabric better than any sewers’ fingers could. And that’s why you need to gift them right away!

  12   Dotted Journal

Bullet Journal/Notebook ( 2 Pack ) - Hardcover Dot Grid Notebook, Premium Thick Paper Faux Leather Writing Notebook

A good sewing journal will last forever. It’s not a “use and throw” type gift. A sewer may forget his or her sewing tricks. But can always master them with the help of a journal. All the details and methods are stored in this gift. They’ll be checking on it every day! So why bother buying something else?

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  13   Storage Basket

TheWarmHome Small Storage Basket Linen Storage Bins for Toy Storage,Grey

There’s always a mess when there’s a sewing machine. And to clean it up, you need a durable basket. In this case, a good-looking storage basket can double as a fabric bin. All the stray pieces of fabric can go into it. Without any fuss or heavy cleaning to do!

  14   Rolling Storage Cart

IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top, White

The day you gift someone a rolling storage cart, you are the ultimate gift-giver! A rolling storage cart is not only useful but efficient. It’s the perfect gift for a neat freak who’s also a quilter or a sewer.

This rolling storage cart has 4 drawers with anti-slip stops on each drawer. The top of the cart has storage divisions for small and big items. And removable casters for better mobility!

  15   Quilter Ruler

Omnigrip 6-Inch-by-24-Inch Non-Slip Quilter's Ruler

A non-slip quilter ruler is one of my favorite tools for quilting. It can make anyone feel like a professional quilter. It may not come in handy all the time. But it sets the tone of how the type of quilter one would like to be. And that says everything!

  16   Quilt Stencil

Quilting Creations Large Stipple Quilt Stencil

These stencils are a fun tool to experiment with different styles with. And it’s the best quilting tool for personalizing. This large-size quilt stencil is good for quilting curtains, clothing, or even walls. All one needs to do is clean it with soap and water after every use.

  17   Coffee Mug

Sewing Quilting Coffee Mug

You can never go wrong with a personalized coffee mug. It’s a quick solution to the “what’s the best gift for a sewer?” problem. It’s time to come up with something simple yet trendy. And a coffee mug is the most genius out of the 35 gifts for quilters and sewers.

  18   Pressing Station

Omnigrid 12-Inch-by-18-Inch Fold-Away Portable Cutting & Pressing Station

A pressing station is more like an essential gift for a quilter and a sewer. And it’s one of the most exciting gifts too.The size of this pressing station is of the working size. The universal dimensions suit all types of quilters and sewers. And it makes life much easier in the long run.

  19   Sitting Cushion

Gypsy Quilter TGQ006 Sit Upon

Do you know someone who quilts for hours at a stretch? How about gifting them something that takes away their pain? A comfortable sitting cushion like this one is good for back pain relief. It reduces pressure on the lower back. And boosts circulation with its “finger” texture design.

  20   Fabric Calculator

	 Calculated Industries Quilter's FabriCalc Quilt Design and Fabric Estimating Calculator

This fabric calculator is hands down one of my favorites. It’s a part of the 35 gifts for quilters and sewers because it’s so useful. Now two quilters or sewers will think the same. But they’d have the same response to such a handy and productive tool!

  21   Cutting Gizmo

Gypsy Quilter The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo

Nothing will offer a better hand than a cutting Gizmo. It’s the perfect tool for any quilter or sewer. The person using this will no longer need extra hands on the table. Especially when it comes down to cutting embroidered fabrics or quilts.

  22   Design Paper Blocks

50 Little Paper- Pieced Blocks: Full-Size Patterns to Mix & Match

Do you want your gift to stand out? Gift a little something unique and exciting for a quilter. It’s the 50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks. These blocks allow a quilter to mix and match patterns. It’s the ultimate creativity tool for the enthusiast.

Paper piecing made simple - Quilting Tutorial with Angela Walters


  23   Plug Extension Cord

SlimLine 2241 Flat Plug Extension Cord, 3-Wire, 8-Foot, White

It’s never too late to improvise on an existing sewing machine. And the best way to do that is to buy a plug extension cord. Not everybody’s crafts table is close to the socket. And not everyone has a cordless sewing machine. So a plug extension cord is the ultimate savior of the day!

  24   Sharpie Pens

Sharpie Art Pens, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, Hard Case, 12 Pack (1982057)

There’s no such thing as a bad Sharpie gift. Be it for a quilter or a sewer or a hobbyist. This is the best way to get into the heart of a true sewer. Sharpie pens are fun and creative to use. And it’s also the best way to get into the creative artsy spirit. In 12 colorful ways, to be exact!

  25   Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp

The hands-down best out of the 35 gifts for quilters and sewers is a desk lamp. And this LED lamp has got what it takes to present itself as a gift. With 5 unique lighting modes and 75% energy efficiency! It even features 7 levels of brightness with 35 combinations. It speaks of confidence no matter what time of day it is.

  26   Mesh Desk Organizer

EasyPAG Mesh Office Desk Accessories Organizer 9 Components with Drawer, Silver

Who doesn’t need more stuff? Small items such as needle threaders, spools, or needles. And big items such as a cutting mat, pens, or a ruler. And how do you store it? By buying a mesh desk organizer. Now that you have this awesome idea for a quilter, why not gift them one?

  27   Weekly/Monthly Planner

2018-2019 Academic Planner Weekly And Monthly: Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal Notebook With Inspirational Quotes And Navy Floral Lettering Cover (August 2018 through July 2019)

This is the best stress-free organizer for someone who’s always coming up with new ideas. This weekly and monthly planner is so good and creative. It can become a therapeutic essential for a quilter. A day consists of many productive tasks. And the best way to go through each of them is with a help of a planner.

  28   Post-It Flags

Post-it Flags Value Pack, Assorted Colors, Sticks securely for long-lasting use.47 in. Wide, 35/Dispenser, 8 Dispensers/Pack Plus 48 Arrow Flags, (683-VAD1)

The secret to getting through new ideas is with post-it flags. A quilter or a sewer can fight off the confusion with this. It’s the best quick-fix out of my 35 gifts for quilters and sewers.

  29   Convertible Ruler

Lego Stationery - Buildable Ruler - 12" (30cm) Ruler with Building Bricks

Looking to buy a quirky gift for a kid? Everybody loves LEGOs and more specifically children. This LEGO-inspired convertible ruler is made of original LEGO plates. It builds up to a 12-inch ruler. Suitable for all crafts use including quilting and sewing!

  30   Flash Drive

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 16GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drive- SDCZ33-016G-B35

Treat someone with a useful and practical tool. A USB flash drive lets you save all your life’s work in the most organized manner. The compact size is easy to travel with. And the 16 GB capacity is the best for saving unfinished designs and projects.

  31   Succulent Plants

Jusalpha 3.2 Inches Ceramic Modern Decorative Small Round Succulent Plant Pot, Planter for Succulent Plants, Small Cactus and Herbs with Bamboo Tray for Room Decor- Set of 3 (White)

Everyone appreciates a good plant. And it’s always a good succulent plant that adds personality to any crafts table. If you want to gift a memorable gift, go for this cactus and herb plant pot with bamboo trays and a ceramic build.

  32   Colored Pencils Set

	 Prismacolor 3598T Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 48 Pack

Who doesn’t need a colored-pencils set? They’re the unicorns of the sewing world. A gift like this is a definite crowd-pleaser. A quilter or sewer can carry out interesting and creative projects with the help of colored pencils. That much you should know already!

  33   Bendable Markers

	 Tombow DBP10-56170 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Portrait, 10-Pack

Bendable markers are state-of-the-art and exciting. They’re ideal for drawing as much as for drafting new ideas for embroidering. Don’t believe me? Gift this to a serious quilter or a sewer and you’ll see.

  34   Push-Pins

Decorative Multi-Colored Push Pins for Home & Office, Six Colors for Different Projects in Reusable Organizing Container, 240 pieces, By Office Style

It’s time to spend less time on wondering what to buy. And buy this collection of colorful push-pins already! It has the perfect shades to excite even a newbie sewer. And you never know, in the fabric world, when push-pin may come in handy.

  35   Quilt Blocks

	 Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match

Put an end to boring quilts with mix-and-match quilt blocks. Quilters can design new and creative patterns from scratch. More than 125 designs, to be exact! The Japanese are the best at everything. Their skill translates into the world of intricate patchworking. And who better to gift such an enticing gift than you?

What Do You Think?

A gift is easier to gift when presented with a long list of options. And the world of quilters and sewers is not as varied to know what to buy right away! All the 35 gifts for quilters and sewers are trendy and practical. And yes, people are buying them. If you know a quilter or a sewer who isn’t, it’s time for you too.

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