Can You Freeze Soy Milk, Baked Beans, Pepperoni (The Best Methods You Need To Know)

We all secretly love to freeze stuff, don’t we? And why not because freezing food can prolong its shelf life and keep it fresh for longer. Here, I want to discuss the basics of freezing 3 food items. Can you freeze soy milk, baked beans, pepperoni?

You need to know this because most of what others tell you about it is wrong. Freezing food items as easy-to-spoil as these foods are essential. And knowing how to do that is also a serious matter at hand.

There are plenty of good ways to freeze soy milk, baked beans, and pepperoni. All you have to do is follow these steps without making any mistakes. But before that, let me do a quick run-through of the common myths about freezing food.

Has anyone ever told you that frozen food is less healthy than fresh food? Well, they were wrong. Certain types of foods are kept healthier when frozen. You can freeze vegetables and fruits for months. And they still remain nutrient-packed and delicious!

 2  You cannot re-freeze food after thawing


You can re-freeze food again. If you do not keep the thawed/defrosted food item outside for more than 2 hours! However, I do not recommend re-freezing uncooked meat. Meat loses its moisture during the thawing process. And re-freezing it again might affect its flavor or texture.

 3  You can store food in its original packaging

Never fall for this one! It’s important to transfer food into freezer-friendly airtight containers. You can also use glass jars for storage. Anything with a tight seal and that doesn’t expand is ideal for storage.

How to Freeze Food Properly


Can You Freeze Soy Milk, Baked Beans, Pepperoni– The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide

Can You Freeze Soy Milk – The Must-Know Tricks


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Soy milk is a popular alternative to cow milk. It’s healthier, vegan, and lactose-free. The main ingredients found in soy milk are plant-based protein, healthy fats, and amino acids. These ingredients, once frozen, separate. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

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When can you freeze soy milk?

There’s an ideal time to freeze soy milk. This time is when the soy milk reaches its expiry date. Look at the back of the soy milk’s box. It has a ‘Best Before’ date. You can freeze the soy milk then.

Bulk shopping is not a bad idea when you understand the benefits of freezing foods. So if you’ve bought extra soy milk cartons at a great discount, it’s time to freeze them!

How long can you freeze soy milk for?

You can free soy milk for up to a whole year. If the can of soy milk remains unopened at the time of freezing! On the other hand, if the can is used, the ideal duration for freezing soy milk is between 1-2 weeks. That is up to 15 days.

What happens when you remove the milk from the freezer?

can-you-freeze-soy-milk 2

You can freeze soy milk but not without careful consideration of its defrosting process. Once soy milk reaches the defrosting stage, the texture starts to become flaky. This makes the soy milk messy and dry. At this point, using soy milk in smoothies is ideal. Drinking it plainly may not be the best idea.

You can also shake the can of soy milk before putting it in the freezer. This makes sure that essential ingredients in the soy milk do not turn into lumps.

How to store frozen soy milk?

Airtight containers don’t just work for food items. They’re the best in town for storing liquids like juices, milk, and gravies. While some people use freezer bags to freeze soy milk. That is a wrong way to freeze any liquid. That’s because freezer bags expand when frozen. So the soy milk can split and spill from the bag due to pressure.

Can you freeze soy milk in an airtight freezer-friendly container? Yes, absolutely! The tight seal around the container keeps the water and milk ingredients inside the soy milk fresh. This way you can store an entire batch of soy milk as per your liking.

Can You Freeze Baked Beans – What They Never Told You!


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Baked beans are popular among most American dishes. Everyone loves having baked beans on toast, in salads, and as chili. This means there’d be plenty of leftovers too, right? This has got people wondering. Can you freeze baked beans?

Freezing left-over baked beans is possible. But it’s not without a proper technique to maintain its hearty flavor.

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When can you freeze baked beans?

There’s no point in freezing uncooked baked beans. Since they already come in an airtight can, storing them in a refrigerator is ideal. However, you can freeze cooked baked beans. And that makes the freezer your best friend.

The best time to freeze baked beans is once they reach room temperature. That is, you need to let the cooked beans cool down before freezing. If heated beans are kept in an extremely cold box, it loses its taste, texture, and smell. In simple words, you’re letting the baked beans go bad.

Here’s another good reason to not freeze them when they’re hot. Hot beans expand when kept in a container. So if you turn to the freezer, the container in which you’ve kept the beans may pop open.

Wait for the cooked beans to reach the ideal room temperature. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours if you’re freezing a large batch of beans.

How long can you freeze baked beans for?

Frozen and cooked baked beans can last up to 3 months. The beans stay fresh for longer when stored in an airtight container.

What happens when you remove the baked beans from the freezer?

Food items such as baked beans, bread, or chicken go through a defrosting process. This is to avoid spoiling the flavor, texture, and aroma of the food. As with other food items, baked beans, too, is subjected to temperature shifts.

You need to refrigerate the frozen baked beans for a few hours. This is the first step to defrosting the beans so they don’t go bad.

After a few hours in the fridge, it’s safe to remove them for cooking.

How to store frozen baked beans?

Most baked beans products come in a can. So it’s ideal you transfer the baked beans from the can to an airtight container. Even a freezer-friendly glass jar would work. The metal may expand when stored in the freezer. Plus, cans do not have a tight seal to prevent air from entering inside.

But airtight containers or glass jars do. So it’s necessary to store frozen baked beans in either one of them.

Secondly, never store uncooked baked beans. And if you want to, make sure you add salt to the baked beans before freezing. Salt is a natural preservative for food. It keeps the food fresh for longer and eliminates bad odor.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni – It’s Not That Complicated!


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From can you free soy milk, baked beans, pepperoni – pepperoni is a bit tricky. Why? It’s because pepperoni is meat-based. But from what I’ve gathered, pepperoni is the least bit complicated. Especially when compared with soy milk.

Pepperoni contains salt and nitrate. Both ingredients are natural preservatives. And so freezing pepperoni is safe and recommended. But not without taking the following facts into consideration!

How to store frozen pepperoni?

The answer to your question, “Can you freeze pepperoni?” is yes! But you need to make sure you store pepperoni correctly before putting it in the freezer. And this is how you can.

  • Make sure your pepperoni is cut into slices. This is an important step because it makes defrosting or thawing them much easier.
  • If you’re freezing a large batch, divide the slices into portions. Store each portion in a freezer-friendly sealer bag. Do not put all frozen pepperoni slices in a single bag.

What happens when you remove frozen pepperoni from the freezer?

The defrosting process of pepperoni is a bit tricky. You must first remove the frozen pepperoni from the freezer. And keep it in the fridge at least 1-2 days before using it. This makes sure the pepperoni doesn’t go through a sudden shift in temperature. So as to avoid spoiling the meat!

Once this is done, remove the pepperoni from the fridge. And let the meat cool down in room temperature. As soon as the pepperoni turns to room temperature, you can cook it.

How long can you freeze pepperoni for?

A good pepperoni batch when cooked can last for up to 6 weeks. But uncooked pepperoni can last for 6-9 months in the freezer.

This, in conclusion, indicates that pepperoni is the longest-lasting food item on the list. Safety experts know for how long food can stay in the freezer. That is when your question is – can you freeze soy milk, baked beans, pepperoni?


Be it soy milk, baked beans, or pepperoni, freezing anything is possible. It extends the shelf-life of the food and prevents spoilage.

I read more about this in the United States Department for Food Safety’s website. It clearly stated that freezing food doesn’t destroy the nutrients. When stored correctly, it can last longer and reduce food waste.

The question about freezing cooked or uncooked food is worrying. But you should know that freezing certain kinds of food can kill harmful bacteria in the food. Plus, cooking can destroy parasites responsible for making the food bad.

You can also opt for natural preservatives such as salt. Adding salt to baked beans is a good way to avoid spoiling the flavor while freezing. As with soy milk, you might be to shake things up a little. Pepperoni already contains salt and nitrate. So there’s nothing you need to worry about!

Can you freeze soy milk, baked beans, pepperoni? Yes, after reading this informative guide, you can!

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