The Best Embroidery Software For Editing (2021 Reviews)

Without the best embroidery software, the best computerized embroidery machine is pretty much useless.

The thing about this software is that every package is created for specific brands. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. So in that case, I’m sure you would love for me to narrow down the search.

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  1   Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software – Editor’s Choice

Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software

Here’s presenting the top pick on the list. The name is not an uncommon one. It’s Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software. And the program is an ideal choice for? Computer compatible and computerized sewing machines! With regards to the former, Embrilliance Essentials works with both Windows and Mac.

  • Additionally, the software writes to floppy disks and USBs. Disks have become a rare breed now. But if you like your traditional ways, you have the option too. In that context, don’t worry about using this embroidery software with old computers. Or even old computer compatible machines.
  • Moving on, let’s get to the part that you really want to hear about. Embrilliance Essentials is not at all difficult or complicated to use. It requires basic awareness of the computer. More specifically, you should know how to unzip files. If you already do, the software feels like a breeze. But if that’s not the case, the company offers many online tutorials that are quite simple to follow.
  • You can resize and merge embroidery designs. Along with customizing the lettering fonts when monogramming! If you think that’s wonderful, wait for what’s ahead. When working with an image that’s pre-set, you get the chance to change its color as well. So expect to achieve personalized results with each project.
  • What’s more is the software’s AlphaTricks tool. This clever feature reduces the trouble of having to add texts to the designs. The struggle includes trying to find proper spacing between characters. Or getting those letters to overlay! AlphaTricks eliminates all this hassle and does the job for you. The tool makes room for design freedom. And it saves a lot of time and effort.

To be honest, Embrilliance offers quite a decent range of products in this category. But more often than not, it’s the Embrilliance Essentials Software that people choose. Above anything else! And that’s because the program covers each and every aspect you might desire. Even the comparable price is another major factor here.

The Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software is fit for all. What I mean to say is that you can be new to the field of embroidering. Or an expert with years of monogramming skills! It doesn’t really matter because the program enables you to do everything. This includes merging multiple designs and resizing or recoloring them.

So what’s the glitch? Every product has one, so I might as well turn to the other side of the coin. Unfortunately, you cannot scan images to import them for conversion. In simple words, it’s not a digitizing software for embroidery machines.


  • The software offers 12 fonts and text manipulation.
  • Expect the program to write and read many design formats.
  • The online tutorials are very helpful at every step of the way.


  • Removing design parts is possible, but changing them is not.
  • It doesn’t allow scanning images for conversion.

AlphaTricks the Movie


  2   Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software  Best for Complicated Designs

	 Amazing Designs LETTER IT! Embroidery Machine Software

When you wish to create complicated designs, all you have to do is LETTER IT! Yes, that’s right! It’s time to review the Amazing Designs LETTER IT Embroidery Machine Software.

  • It’s the best lettering software with as many as 35 different fonts. The program makes possible multi-line or single embroidered text. Using a generous variety of beautiful fonts!
  • This best embroidery software makes way for customization. You can hook on text to the designs and use fashionable layouts. Merging designs and text into a single project is not only possible. But quick and efficient too!
  • There’s a ton of flexibility that you can rely on. Every feature installed makes the process more convenient than you can imagine. There’s one that simplifies the stage after design. It’s the most useful when it comes to saving time and effort.

In all, the LETTER IT Embroidery Machine Software is created to impress. Even if you’re the most experienced embroiderer!

I don’t think I see any other embroidery software as flexible as this Amazing option. You can use the LETTER IT program to create simple lettering and more complex designs. That’s the best part. Well, that and the fact that it allows you to combine designs and text. Into one well-accumulated project!

However, here’s the bad news. The Amazing Designs LETTER IT Embroidery Machine Software comes with no instructions. But the good part is that the program is not so tough to use.


  • The software saves in multiple file formats.
  • Font options include formal, whimsical, and quirky.
  • You can purchase extra fonts and merge them.


  • You cannot re-size designs.
  • No instructions provided.

  3   BuzzXplore v2 Premier Best for Organizing and Managing Embroidery Designs

BuzzXplore v2 Premier Embroidery Design Management

For better embroidery skills, you require many embroidery designs. And what happens when many embroidery designs are a part of the picture? Your work demands better organization and management. In that sense, allow me to introduce the next pick. It’s the BuzzXplore v2 Premier Embroidery Design Management.

  • This particular embroidery software broadens your horizon. By organizing all the designs! I would like to think of it as a processor, viewer, browser, and management system.
  • The BuzzXplore v2 Premier is an upgraded version of the company’s Buzz Tools product. That means it’s easier in terms of use. In fact, printing designs report in the proper placement size is also quite simple.
  • But the most useful feature added in here is the design conversion. This makes everything more usable in practical terms. 

More designs, further customization, and better viewing capabilities. These are all ingredients that make up the best embroidery software. Even when it’s just for organizational and management purposes!

Better than its predecessor (Buzz Tools), the BuzzXplore v2 Premier is an exceptional software. You can use it for viewing embroidery designs, no matter how many. You can print thumbnails and paper templates and also unzip files.

By far, it’s the most useful tool to have by your side when embroidering.

But there is something about it that you might not like. The BuzzXplore v2 Premier Embroidery Design Management keeps crashing periodically. And that can be quite frustrating to deal with.


  • The software’s user-friendliness is remarkable.
  • It converts all embroidery designs in a single click.
  • Installation and tech help are huge plus points.


  • The system keeps crashing.

BuzzXplore for the Buzz Tools Plus User


  4   Singer Futura Editing Software for XL-400 

SINGER Futura Editing Software for XL-400

This software suite by Singer is a specialized model-specific design editing package. It’s minimalistic and clean with a de-cluttered user interface. That’s how I would describe the Singer Futura Editing Software.

  • The complete software package is fit for Singer XL-400 and Singer XL-550. As for compatibility, it runs on Windows Vista, XP, ME, and 2000. Even so, the software’s file formats are readable on other models manufactured by Singer as well. It gives you the opportunity to create unique patterns and be creative.
  • There are five lettering fonts, which you can tweak in order to merge with your design. Then there’s the multilingual manual for instructions. This editing package supports design format conversions from popular designs. Into easily executed and readable formats by the compatible models!

Apart from that, there’s rotation, copy-pasting, and mirroring. You can blend more than two motifs into an existing design. Setting fabric column widths and stitch densities. This is also a part of the wonderful experience. So don’t think any less of the Singer Futura Editing Software.

To state it simply, the Singer suite allows you to edit existing designs. The same applies to stitch selection. If you don’t possess the much-needed editing capabilities, this is the ultimate embroidery package to get.

Sadly, the Singer software’s capacity for importing artwork is not satisfactory. Especially from the computer and scanned images!


  • The user interface is well-organized.
  • You can set desired stitching instructions.
  • It enables template creation and full-colored designs.


  • Ability to transfer artwork is limited.

  5    Singer Futura Advanced Editing Software for CE-150 and CE-250

SINGER Futura Advanced Editing Software for CE-150 and CE-250

Now this package is just the same as the previous one. Only that the Singer Futura Advanced Editing Software is created for different models. These include the Singer CE-150 and Singer CE-250.

Once again, this best embroidery software is compatible with Windows. And even though the suite is for CE-150 and CE-250, its file formats are plenty readable. On other Singer models that is!

Plus, you can be as creative as you like. Given the software’s ability to make room for unique embroidery patterns!

Every other function is the same as the previous Singer embroidery software. So expect nothing but convenience and high performance in this case too.

There’s a lot you can do with the Singer Futura Advanced Editing Software. Be it re-sizing, mirroring, copy-pasting, or rotation! The package is well-equipped to handle everything.

But there’s a problem. And it might be a major one if you’re a beginner. And that’s poor instructions.


  • User interface is de-cluttered.
  • Existing images can be fine-tuned.
  • There are various letter fill patterns.


  • User instructions are not thorough.

Best Embroidery Software Buyer’s Guide


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The embroidery software category offers wide-ranging results. But as you already know that you cannot use one brand in a machine that’s manufactured by another. This brings compatibility into the picture. You have to check the software suite’s hardware specifications to ensure compatibility.

The quality of the software also varies. It hugely depends on the version, management system, and build of the program. Along with support services and update frequency!

I have reviewed the best embroidery digitizing software. You would’ve wanted me to compare embroidery digitizing software as well. So I have done that too. In the form of the comparison table! What’s left is figuring out how to choose the best embroidery software. Time to get to that now!

Choosing the Best Embroidery Software


You might have the most functional embroidery machine at your disposal. But the unit doesn’t prove to be effective without an easy to use embroidery digitizing software.

Many modern and technologically advanced machines feature integrated software. Plus, a design library! But most of these models only include mundane and ordinary designs. Such designs are good enough for those that consider embroidery a hobby. They are not professionals or even embroidery enthusiasts.

So are you genuinely interested in making the most of your embroidery machine? Yes? Then your work demands the best digitizing software for embroidery machines. With that in mind, here are a few tips that you might want to know.

Understand The Features You Require

The embroidery machine is going to be used to serve what particular purpose? It’s important to answer this question. As the answer is more likely to dictate the kind of features your tasks demand.

Programs vary based on the images they enable you to work with. For example, there are certain programs that allow scanned images. Then there are programs that give you the wonderful opportunity to download images.

In fact, there are more powerful programs as well. These make way for creating customized complex designs. And this is what makes up the best embroidery software.

Confirm Compatibility

Is the software compatible with your computer’s operating system? If it’s not, then the chances of encountering errors are quite high. This way you cannot make the most of all the excellent functions on any embroidery machine.

But remember that the majority of software programs offer flexibility in this context. They have the ability to work on both personal and Mac computers. While some of them work on either one.

Purchase Licensed Software

Unlicensed embroidery software is non-refundable in most cases. So it’s necessary to buy licensed software only. The former kind also doesn’t come with upgraded versions and advanced features. Getting unlicensed software might be easy. But the decision is not favorable in the long term.

But how to determine if the embroidery program is licensed? The answer is simple. Check the software’s website. All the information you need is available under their products listing section.

Don’t Neglect Customer Service

When dealing with software programs, customer service is crucial. It decides the product’s credibility. So remember to keep in mind certain aspects of customer service.

The first thing that comes to my attention is ROUND-THE-CLOCK SUPPORT. The company should have experts who can guide you. Through dealing with technical queries and problems!

The next thing that I can think of is the operation manual. Every best embroidery software is packed with a user-friendly operation manual. The guide should be direct, relevant, and straightforward. Without the use of too many technical jargons!

Also, diagrams and pictures are put in place so you can gain a better visual understanding. These are the things that actually matter.

Check All The Terms And Conditions

You’re more likely to disregard terms and conditions than customer service. But you forget that these terms and conditions hold significance. It’s important to go through the points, even though many before you agree to them.

What would you rather prefer? Facing troubles at a later stage and not being able to do anything about it? Or ensuring that warranty and reimbursement are a part of the package? You might not use the warranty or wish for a reimbursement. But it’s good to have those options available, isn’t it?

Commonly Asked Questions about Embroidery Software Terms


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1. What is Digitizing software for embroidery machines?

The word digitizing means the creation of digital files. That instruct your machine to embroider the stitches.

The best embroidery digitizing software might be slightly difficult to understand and learn. But it does seem like a better option for professional embroiderers.

2. What about File Format compatibility of the embroidery software?

Now you should know that every embroidery machine manufacturer uses a particular format. This includes Singer, Janome, and Brother. So at the time of purchasing software, make sure that the file format is the same as your embroidery machine.

3. What is the meaning and importance of Re-Sizing?

Re-sizing implies this. That your embroidery software or machine has the ability to change design size! The feature includes increasing or decreasing stitch count. So the design matches the area.

4. What does the Module program do?

Consider the module program as an additional function to the embroidery software. This separate element allows you to carry out a particular function. Like embroidery!

5. What is the purpose of the Editing feature?

Embroidery software editing means you can personalize your work. Such as change color, add embroidery to monogram, add text, resize design, etc.

6. What is the difference between True Type and Digitized Fonts?

Digitized fonts are already a part of the program. You can access them with the help of lettering simply by typing on the keyboard.

On the other hand, the true type ones require digitizing. It means you have to make a few adjustments by expanding their pull compensation.

Final Outcome

The “Final Outcome” means the best embroidery software there is. The one that beats all the other options currently available! It’s known as the Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software.

And it’s so great because you don’t need to be an expert to use it. The software allows you to merge designs along with re-size and re-color them. Without having to make too much of an effort! Or spend too much money either!

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