The Best Driver for Beginners You Can Buy Right Now (Top 5 Reviews)

I’d be lying if I said that the best driver for beginners isn’t the most important club in your golf set. Playing golf is not possible without a driver.

Here’s what’s ironic though. The first shot in the game of golf is taken with a driver. And it’s this first shot itself that’s difficult to crack if you’re a newbie.

So it goes without saying that practice is essential. But so is choosing the best driver for beginners.

Best Driver for Beginners 2021: Top 4 Picks

Drivers are not easy to hit if you’re a beginner. The unique head and shaft of this club require some getting used to. But golf equipment manufacturing companies have made the journey much easier. By offering beginner-friendly drivers!

These drivers are more convenient to hit. As compared to the normal/regular ones! And that’s because the head of such clubs is designed differently.

Let’s find out more!

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  1   Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver – Editor’s Choice

Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver, Regular, Graphite, Green, Left Hand

The Fly Z by Cobra is a driver well-engineered to perform two important functions. Increase forgiveness and maximize distance! It ranks as the best driver for beginners for this very reason. Not many golf clubs have the ability to provide such a combination.

  • The CG zone of the Cobra Fly Z Driver delivers mid-high, low spin launch. You can even expect faster ball speed across the clubface. All thanks to the low CG weighting here. (CG in golf clubs and how it affects shots)
  • Moreover, the weighting and face structure combine to create a more discretionary weight. So it’s a huge relief to know that the clubhead material is lightweight titanium. This strategically positioned weight does a lot more than you can imagine. Please keep that in mind.
  • Moving on, the Cobra Fly Z Driver features MyFly8. The exclusive technology allows you to select from different adjustable trajectory/loft settings. To what avail you might wonder? For managing flight and maximizing distance of course!
  • And lastly, there’s the SmartPad component. What this does is deliver the square face during impact. Irrespective of the loft setting you choose. So in every way, the Cobra Fly Z Driver is suitable for your skills as a beginner.

You can adjust the CG zone weight in the Cobra Fly Z Driver. This means the club gives you a larger MOI and better balance. In simple words, more distance. Plus, the graphite shaft’s flex settings couldn’t be any more fitting for beginners. And the like!

If you buy the stiff version of the shaft, be ready to face a slight disappointment. This flex option is not exactly stiff. Rather it’s medium flex. But you can always re-shaft.


  • Loft and weight are adjustable.
  • Big clubhead equals big sweet spot.
  • Solid feel and sound at impact.


  • Stiff shaft setting is more medium flex.

Talk Nerdy to Me with Holly Sonders: Cobra Fly-Z Driver


  2   TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Driver – Gaining More Distance

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Driver, Right Hand, Stiff, 9.5-Degree

The one name that keeps popping up in the best driver for beginners reviews is this. The TaylorMade AeroBurner is a very popular option in that regard. In fact, TaylorMade has not produced any other driver that gives this one a run for its money. TaylorMade or any other manufacturer!

The brand is quite famous for their collection of premium drivers for professional golfers. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t offer enough options for game improvement. So if that’s your concern, the AeroBurner is an ideal choice.

  • The first thing you’ll notice is the red paint and white crown. The former helps with golf ball alignment. Something you now might not have to struggle with anymore.
  • Also extraordinary is the combination of three important factors that determine distance. These include a lighter weight, aerodynamic head, and longer shaft.

Sound, feel, and forgiveness are the three other impressive characteristics. So the TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver is abundantly raw and simple. Yet generously controllable and long!

What I’m reviewing here is an ultra-forgiving golf club. That has the power to hit a longer than expected ball. It’s almost shocking how something at a price like this has the ability to deliver such results.

But let me also make it clear that the TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver has no adjustability.


  • Aerodynamic head gets the golf ball high.
  • Increased sweet spot reduces spin.
  • Crown graphic offers easy alignment.


  • Not suitable for higher swing speeds.
  • It lacks adjustability.

AeroBurner - Swing Faster


  3   Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH – Going Back to Basics

Adams Golf Men's M2656205 Golf Driver, Right Hand, Senior Flex, 9.5 Degree, 45", Graphite, Blue

You might think that the Adams Golf Blue Driver is an odd choice. Given the physical appearance and structure! But let me assure you that it’s no less competitive than the previous two drivers.

  • It features the standard 460cc clubhead. So the most beginner-friendly characteristic is the forgiveness. I would go so far as to declare that it’s the best driver for beginners with a slice.
  • The head is relatively smaller in size. This is useful when you wish to minimize your chances of hitting the ground. Or sending the ball ballooning through the air! The design approach is very simple as you can see. And that means easy cleaning.
  • The metal shaft is equipped with a comfortable grip. The grip part is obviously a boon. As for the metal-constructed shaft, it brings more durability into the scene. It’s a SlimTech shaft, FYI. And that implies easy to launch and more kick.
  • The technology for sole slot offers extra speed and flex. And the low and back CG paves the way for additional spin.

In all, the Adams Golf Blue Driver is not a disappointment of any sort. The feel and looks make it seem like you’re using a performance-focused, old-fashioned club.

Once put to use, the Adams Golf Blue Driver delivers like no other. Not only is the club the easiest to hit. It’s plenty accurate on mishits as well. Draw bias and high launch are the two standout characteristics that contribute to the success story here.

Now you should know that the impact sound has an unusual PING-like effect. Almost as if the club is broken, which is not really the case. But the upside to this is instant feedback.


  • Lightweight, flexible shaft drives the ball far.
  • It corrects ball slice.


  • There’s no loft or weight adjustability.
  • Sound at impact is not completely desirable.

  4   Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver – Enjoying the Largest Sweet Spot

Cobra KING F6 #1 Golf Driver (Men's, 9.0-12.0, Graphite, Regular, Left), Black

The greatest news here is that the Cobra King F6 Driver is suitable for not just beginners. But the majority of golfers! It’s a club packed with impressive technologies. For increasing both distance and speed.

So what are these impressive technologies you ask?

  • Let’s start with the Forged E9 Clubface. This is nothing but a flexible, lighter, hotter structure for creating more deflection. And most importantly, for improving that sweet spot!
  • The next in line is MyFly8. The number 8 suggests eight different loft settings. So you can manage your trajectory effortlessly. In fact, it allows you to adjust launch condition as well. So as to maximize distance, irrespective of your swing or the course!
  • Then there’s engineered channel to reduce clubface perimeter thickness. In short, this Speed Channel improves ball speed.
  • And lastly, the unique CG tuning is a cherry on top of the cake. Front adjustment makes room for a penetrating flight with more roll. And back adjustment offers a more towering, higher flight. Thus, making the King F6 more forgiving!

Tell me honestly, doesn’t all this sound beginner-friendly?

If you think the ball’s just going to fly off this driver face, you’re absolutely right. In simple words, mishits do find that fairway. Even when you swing really hard!

Since I’m being honest here, it’s time for me to reveal the shortcomings. Well, there is only one. And that is the squaring up of the clubhead of the Cobra King F6 Driver. It’s tough to do that given the bigger-than-usual head.


  • Shaft is slightly shorter to achieve ball flight consistency.
  • Hotter face makes sweet spot larger.
  • It’s a light, well-balanced, and stable driver.


  • Stiff flex offers too much flex.
  • Clubhead is too big to square up.

KING F6 - Technology


Best Driver for Beginners Buying Guide

How to Choose/Spot the Best Driver for Beginners?

1. A Large Head Might Not Be the Worst Thing


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Let me point out that distance and power always win the war against accuracy. But this only works for beginner-friendly drivers. Seasoned golfers usually buy small-headed drivers. Ranging between 350cc and 410cc. As for PGA level players, they sport drivers with a clubhead of 235cc.

But you’re just starting out, aren’t you? In that sense, you require a driver that’s the easiest to hit. That means a club with the largest head. However, it should be less than 460cc according to USGA regulations.

When the clubhead is bigger, so are your chances of striking that wonderful sweet spot. And you can always upgrade to a smaller head as and when your skills improve.

2. The Material of the Head Matters


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When talking about clubhead material, three common options come to mind.


Drivers built with a titanium head are the costliest. But, at the same time, they rank the highest in terms of performance. Particularly for beginners!

The large 460cc head I mentioned earlier is constructed using lightweight titanium. It’s the only way manufacturers can avoid making the club seem heavy. Despite the biggest clubhead!

Titanium material equipped drivers are also the most appealing as far as forgiveness goes. So it’s an ideal structure for both beginners as well as high handicappers. Even though the material is not so forgiving on the wallet!

Stainless Steel

As for the cheapest option (price-wise), the answer is stainless steel. On top of that, it’s durable too. The majority of beginners works on a tight budget. So if you fall into that category, stainless steel drivers are your thing.

But don’t expect them to offer the most impressive level of forgiveness. Unlike their titanium counterparts!


What’s the middle ground between titanium and stainless steel? This is it. Such drivers strike the perfect balance between performance and price. So if that sounds appealing to your skills and budget, there’s no reason to choose otherwise.

3. The Material of the Shaft Also Matters


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What is the best driver for beginners is a common question. One that I’ve already answered in the reviews section! But what about another common question. What is the best driver shaft for beginners? So how about I answer this one right about now!


Now here’s the truth and nothing but the truth. Steel shafts are the perfect choice for golfers with a low handicap. Cause they desire more precision and control. But steel shafts are heavier, which means they affect swing speed. And that, in turn, decreases the speed of clubhead. Along with making the shot less powerful!

So now you know why steel shafts are not such a suitable option for a new kid on the block.


More often than not, the best driver for beginners has a graphite shaft. And why is that? It’s because graphite offers sheer flex variety. The flex your driver provides determines clubhead speed. Based on how powerful your swing is.

Not all beginners have the same swing speed, correct? In that context, graphite clubs are an excellent choice. They give you a broad range of flex options. This includes regular, ultra-stiff, and even senior grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need to use the best driver for beginners?


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Doesn’t it seem logical to assume that high-end golf clubs cater to all players willing to spend that kind of money? Well, to be honest, NO. These kinds of drivers feature cutting-edge technology. And this type of technology is specifically created for experienced and professional golfers. The ones that enjoy a low handicap!

On top of that, high-end clubs work well with a higher swing speed. Something that beginners and amateur players cannot generate! When you combine such a driver with your low swing speed, what do you think is the end result? Poor trajectory and ball speed.

On the other hand, when the driver is beginner-friendly, you can still achieve a decent outcome.

One other reason why you should be using the beginner-specific driver is precision. Regular drivers create excessive side spin for off-center strikes. And this leads to slice. So at such times, distance and accuracy get compromised.

With that in place, the best driver for beginners with a slice is one that’s the most forgiving. This way you get the opportunity to maintain your distance and accuracy. Despite the off-center shot!

2. As a beginner, how many drivers do I need?


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Hitting the driver is no easy task for a beginner or high handicapper. So why keep one in the bag, right? Instead a 3-wood or hybrid gives you a better chance at reaching the fairway. And let’s not forget that these two clubs are more convenient to hit as well. As compared to drivers that are!

Even so, are you confident about your driver swing? Or do you simply wish to practice and improve your skills? Either way, a single driver is more than enough. To be honest, even professional golfers carry just one driver. And that’s because drivers are plenty adjustable. They have the ability to maximize distance plus shape shots.

The Finale


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The guide section is to help you narrow down your search. As for the reviews section, it clearly states what models you should be taking into consideration.

There’s no narrowing down here. All you have to do is pick the best driver for beginners that you know pairs up well with your golfing skills and preferences. And one such all-rounder is the Cobra Fly Z Driver.

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