About Me

Hey there,

I am an enthusiastic blog writer. But I wasn’t even close to being a writer a few years back. In fact, some time ago I didn’t even bother reading a 100-word guide before purchasing anything. Both online and offline!

On a more personal note, I went to school, then to college, and then to work. Living this life wasn’t hard or discouraging, mind you. It helped me reach from one end of the line to the other before resetting my position all over again. I did find some peace of mind and meaning in the way I chose to live. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. There are and always will be things that encourage you to do more. So here I am, writing articles to help many women consumers like me make better decisions.

My motto here is quality over quantity. And I also believe in creating content that strikes a perfect chord between personal and professional. So my tone of writing stems from personal experiences but with a worldly perspective.

Product reviews and recommendations have now become quite a popular subject. Detailed guides are like personal diaries. At least that’s how I choose to look at them. It’s the only way I push myself to produce a buying guide more likely to peak your interest. Combine this with comprehensive reviews, and you end up purchasing a product you actually want. And not something that just looks fancy.

After all, reviews of brands and their inventions are the most valuable only when they’re unbiased and honest. It took me a while to realize this as a consumer myself.

So when I’m not living an ordinary life, I’m reviewing all kinds of products. And then publishing these reviews online! Whether the reviews are useful or not is your decision to make. But I like to think of them as incredibly practical. This is where my self-confidence kicks in!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the posts. And I hope they help in addressing your primary concerns. One more thing; my name is Laura Cooper, in case you’re wondering!

Laura Cooper, founder and editor in chief at Top Picks for Her.